Meet Sanjeev, the Chief Engineer in a Coal Mine who fought Corona!

“On 19th June I started having mild symptoms like general fever, for which I saw a doctor and was given normal medications but day after day my health was deteriorating. On 24th June I was tested for my sugar levels and also had an X-ray, and the reports were not in my luck, as my sugar level was high and they detected an infection in my chest. I was immediately referred to Jamshedpur and on the same night, I was tested for COVID-19. The next evening I got the results back which were positive. It was quite shocking and unexpected.”

Sanjeev Thakur, Chief Engineer in a coal mine situated in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. His journey was a roller coaster ride, where it took a long time to figure out that he had contracted the coronavirus.

His experience, in his own words:

“On the third day, I started to face breathing problems, my Oxygen level was low and I was immediately transferred to the ICU. I was there for almost two weeks on oxygen supply, and due to my high sugar level it took me a bit more time to recover and I became physically vulnerable, meanwhile. I have very few memories of me inside the ICU, but I can recall a man of around 75 years age, was beside my bed in the ICU, succumbed to the disease. It was quite demotivating and shaking, which strengthened my prayers to god, for giving me enough energy to fight the disease.

Initially, I started recovering and feeling better, but on 2nd July my second test was done, which came out to be positive again. Although it was a little bummer, had to keep myself strong. The only entertainment there was talking with other patients and hoping for the best to happen. Then, after two weeks I was shifted back to the positive ward, and the next day my  test was taken, which turned out to be negative and the last test.”

When asked about the first reaction after his first positive test result, he says,

“It was quite a shock and a big surprise as I had no symptoms, and I never thought of contracting it. We were taking enough precautions too. I was quite nervous and my first instinct was to ask the doctor that for how much time I have to stay here, and what is going to happen next.  But I must say, the doctors and the nurses were very motivating and encouraging and I cannot thank them enough. I was also tensed about my family and whether they were also positive or not.  I wanted to see my family again, as I had no contact with them, while being in the ICU.

It was a happy moment when I got to know that none of my family members were positive.  That was one of the happiest moment in the phase of my recovery.

I was lucky enough to have been in the best COVID-19 treating hospital of our state. While coming back from the hospital after recovery, I got to see my wife after 16 days who was also in isolation because of travelling with me and then got a glimpse of my daughter, as I had to be in isolation for two more weeks. Getting to see your family after going through all this, relieves you like nothing.”

We asked him about the challenges he faced, to which he replied as,

“Yeah, I had to face a few challenges as I said earlier, my sugar level was high which made me weaker and took me more time to recover. Also, I once missed the opportunity to call my family members in the ICU as I couldn’t recall the phone numbers, due to stress, weakness, loneliness and being delirious due to medication.”

He said that everyone in his family(extended family too) were very supportive and always had positive things to tell him. They pulled themselves out of fear and shock, together and were always motivating and encouraging him to stay strong, after knowing his status.

Upon the question of facing any sort of discrimination, he says, “No I am quite lucky that there was no discrimination towards me, neither in the hospital nor when I came back home. I feel very grateful for being surrounded by such supportive and understanding people around me.”

His message to everyone reading this is,

“My only message is to only encourage someone if they are positive for COVID-19 because it keeps the person motivated for fighting, and that is the most necessary tool to fight this virus.

I would like to give my heartiest thanks to the doctors, nurses and the working staff. I feel that they are Gods in human form, on earth right now. I urge everyone to thank and respect them. It is true that, in tough times, you remember God!

I also extend thanks to the TATA family for their full support to me and my family during this tough time.”

Sanjeev, the Corona Champion fought the virus and came out stronger with a new perspective of life. His story reflects how each of us in a moment of uncertainty  thinks about the wellbeing of people in our lives.  Our brave #CoronaChampions continue to spread awareness and break the stigma through their real-life stories and experiences. Please join this movement by sharing this story and helping people who are seeking support and motivation during this pandemic.

Written by Chaitanya Mishra

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