Meet Arshpreet Kaur Grewal, the 28 year old Punjab Police Sub-Inspector from Ludhiana fighting fearlessly on the frontline!

“On 11th April, when I was getting ready for duty early at 3:00 am, I felt weak and was not able to get ready for work and texted my senior officers that I am not feeling good and if I can take a day off.  It was Saturday, I just thought I must be feeling tired of long working hours.  On 13th April I decided to get back to work on Monday morning but on 12th night, around 11:00 pm I got a call from DCP sir saying that I are supposed to get my COVID test tomorrow as ACP Anil Kumar Kohli sir had tested positive and you are not coming to office and shall be home quarantined.

On 13th of April my test was done at Civil Hospital Ludhiana and on 17th of April my report came.”

Unexpectedly, Arshpreet tested Corona Positive!

It was a state of confusion for her; she couldn’t believe her report. The only concern that mattered to her was family and  commitments towards her duty. Her parents are old and diabetic. Somewhere, she realised it was a part of life, and there would be not much harm because she isn’t too old. “There was a misconception if one gets infected, they may not come back,” she said.

“Everyone was supportive, but when the ambulance came to take me, I felt nervous, whether I will come back or not!” Arshpreet confronts the emotional turmoil she went through.

In the 22 days of her treatment, Arshpreet never experienced fever at the DMC hospital. “They focused on diet. A high protein diet, multi-vitamins, tulsi water, and haldi milk was given to us daily. Doctors advised, to stay happy and cheerful,” Arshpreet discusses her hospital stay.

“I had some breathing issues after four days of hospitalization. The X-ray did not show any critical result. Maybe it was due to psychology because it was one of the COVID-19 symptoms. I did suffer from a cough and sore throat, and I also felt impatient. As a sub-inspector, I worked outside and was willing to join my duty soon.”

To overcome her willingness to join her work, she read novels, played ludo, and talked on the phone. “Social media helped a lot.” She said about spending the days hospitalized.

Arshpreet posted some videos on her social media account to motivate the police forces who were at high risk of getting exposed to the infection. Not much longer, the news of deceased ACP Kohli of her department had raised more alarm among them. She expresses her condolences to him, “His death is a great loss to Punjab police, I had learned a lot from him.”

On the fourteenth day, she was tested negative, to her happiness, she was all set to go home; but it is necessary to get three tests as negative. Arshpreet was sure about her next negative result, but the second report came as positive!

“Being happy, helped a lot. I am asymptomatic and will soon join this brave fight. It is important to maintain stable mental health. Take all necessary precautions on duty, eat healthily. So we can win this battle,” She said in one of her motivational videos to the police force. She wants to thank all her acquaintances, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, MP Ravneet Bittu, DGP sh Dinkar Gupta,  Commissioner Police Ludhiana sh Rakesh Agarwal

and other senior Police officers for checking on her and keeping in touch. Even the common public reached out to her for best wishes. Her social media videos are dedicated to the policemen risking their lives. They are getting infected at high rates, and they must be present outdoors. In a message to the public, she said, “Stay home, the police and civil department are doing their best to make the environment safe for us again.”

We salute to Corona Champion and Frontline Warriors like Police Sub-Inspector Arshpreet Kaur Grewal who are risking their lives and fighting on the frontline every day.  Their real-life stories and experiences continue to spread awareness and inspire us to do whatever we can for humanity.  Arshpreet believes that the only thing that can be helpful is acceptance; she appeals to have mental strength while going through the severe symptoms and recovery process. Now, Arshpreet, the Corona Champion, is back to her duty and continues her fearless life as before! 

  • Written by Rakhi Vishwakarma 

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